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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Coalition's Direct gateway to corruption

The Coalition's Direct gateway to corruption

The Coalition's Direct gateway to corruption

Bob Ellis 28 April 2014, 12:05am 33

The Coalition's Direct Action plan receiving a strongly endorsement by Dr Evil.

Today we saw more Liberal Party corruption exposed by the the NSW ICAC — meanwhile, the same party continues with its misguided plan to pay polluters. Bob Ellis says this is a wide gateway to corruption.

IT’S HARD TO THINK of a wider gateway to corruption than the paying-the-biggest-polluters legislation pitched to us by Greg Hunt.

A company has to cut back by, say, one per cent the carbon it puts in the air and someone has to measure this.

If he says: yes, too right, it’s down to 99 percent, that company
gets fifty million dollars. If he says: no, bad luck, it’s as bad as it
was, or worse, the company gets nothing, not even a fine.

It would be hard to find a job more suitable for Arthur Sinodinos, provider of clean sewage to Nick Di Girolamo in times past, or John Elliott, say, or Jodee Rich.

Who gets this job? And what is he paid? How do we know he’s not paid
extra, a half million, say, as ‘commission’ for drop-kicking fifty
million a big polluter’s way?

What is truly amazing is the penalty for a big polluter that pollutes even more — which is no penalty at all.

Killing the planet, it seems, is not even a misdemeanour now. If you
do it, you pay less than a parking fine — you pay nothing at all.

And next year, when the age of entitlement
is over and corporate welfare is ended once and for all, a big
polluting corporation gets $50 million for farting at the atmosphere one
per cent less often and pays not a cent to the virtuous judge who signs
the money over.

Not since Enron has there been a sillier set of numbers.

Everything that happens – new fighter bombers, offshore processing,
sewage pipes to new suburbs, the brave new world of ‘infrastructure’,
Australia being ‘open for business’ – is seen as a new open door to
corruption by this, the Looters’ Party.

They have no purpose other on earth than these dirty backroom dealings, the $20 million for Sinodinos, these $1/2 billion to Wilson Security for beating children on Manus.

It’s what the Liberals do.

And now they’re giving the big polluters billions for killing the planet one per cent slower.

And it takes your breath away — literally. They are truly, truly awful people.

And so it goes.

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  1. Great blog post! Heh, it shall indeed be One Term Tony!