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Monday, 28 July 2014

Here's how you save renewables. Switch to better power.

AGL and EnergyAustralia have launched an attack on Australia's
Renewable Energy Target -- doing everything they can to push Tony Abbott
and the Liberal government into weakening the renewables target. So a
movement has started. People are switching to better, cleaner power.
Here's why:

1. Better Power. We shift to a 100% renewable energy
backed energy company Powershop, demonstrating public support for
pro-renewables companies.
2. Cheaper bills for your home. Essential
Services Commission rated Powershop as one of the two lowest priced
power retailers for residential customers in Victoria!3
3. Fast and
easy. Over 50,000 Victorians switch energy provider every month, and
Powershop's online tool makes it so easy that you can switch in less
than 10 minutes.
4. No risk. No lock in contracts and no exit fees.
Don't worry if you're under contract: Powershop will even cover your
exit penalty fee (up to $75) on your behalf!

Make the switch today:

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